Binding Lies

Book 3

There is nothing a mother wouldn’t do to protect her children.

They think they’ve won. Good. While I try my best not to kill Gabriel, Aidan is hunting down the person responsible for destroying our lives; the one we call the Puppet Master. Separate but, united, Aidan and I continue to fight our enemies, desperate to reclaim what they stole from us.

By chance Eli and I stumble on a small, off the grid town – Pepper Gorge. It soon becomes clear this is not a place where people choose to live. Their lives controlled by a centuries-old evil, passed down through generations. If not for a woman running into the restaurant screaming about a body that has been found in the woods, we might never have realised what this place is. A cult.

Unable to turn my back on the innocent people of Pepper Gorge, Eli and I start investigating, despite it putting pregnant me in danger. No more dangerous than living in the same house as Gabriel.

With each passing day, more questions arise, and not enough answers. Not only questions about Pepper Gorge, but also the link between my father’s best friend and the Puppet Master. The most important question – what really happened the night my parents died? Their car crash wasn’t an accident…

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