Binding Lies

Book 3
Separate but united, Aidan and I fight back against our enemies. Aidan’s hunting the person responsible for destroying our lives. The Puppet Master. My mission is to keep my sister and our unborn children alive. The perfect distraction from my living nightmare comes when I discover a small, off-the-grid, town with a single restaurant. A woman runs in, screaming about another body in the woods. There’s more to this strange place than everyone wearing matching clothes. Despite the danger it puts me in, I investigate Pepper Gorge; it isn’t on any map. I’ve never turned my back on innocent people before. I refuse to do that now. With each passing day, more questions arise. Not only about Pepper Gorge, but also about the potential link between my father’s best friend and the Puppet Master. The most important question – What happened the night my parents died? Is it possible their deaths weren’t an accident?